Of Zeus and Ganymede

So, about a month or so after we’d gotten back together for our second attempt, this other poem came out of me. Here’s the second of two poems I wrote about me and my ‘Big.’ See the first one here:

In my head at the time was the image above, a famous image of Zeus and Ganymede inside of a wine-cup, mixed with a dash of Ingres’ Jupiter and Thetis, both of those juxtaposed against a picture of me and him that one of his friends took while we’d all been out on their boat the summer before.

Of Zeus and Ganymede
Lucca Daniel Green
29 March 2018

	O fair-haired Muse, maiden honey-voiced, sing
	of how Zeus returned singing to Ganymede then,
	of their love, their thunderous dance triumphant;
	how the aegis-bearing father of gods and men
	gripped his delight in fierce love and longing,
	and Ganymede yielding to the union rejoiced,
	himself enraptured, held in the will of Zeus;
	how apart neither felt the same joy, that same
	contentment. Of their love, my queen, sing,
	of the depths of their one mind in unison bound,
	of their devotion, how it radiates from his gaze
	swept up with the view-held of Zeus returned.
	The sweet whispers between lips pressed tight
	together, sing, and the private sighs arising
	held together in Eros’ charm, more deeply bound.

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