His eyes, amber grey and green/in the light of the sun

Frankly, I don’t write many of these kinds of poems. When I was younger, I wrote a lot about desire, what I would’ve wished were possible then. Sexual frustration has its own ways of working itself out… But this one was written about a man I dated for a while. We were perfect for each other and all wrong at the same time, but it fueled our addiction to each other, enacting a drawn-out cycle of breaking up and getting back together over many months, at least three times. You know how Carrie had her Big? He’s my Big. Anyway, here’s one of two about me and that man that I wrote right after the first time we got back together about that first encounter after several months apart. (See the second one here: “Of Zeus and Ganymede”.)

His eyes, amber grey and green
in the light of the sun

Lucca Daniel Green
25 February 2018

  O gods, that man and Our fit into One:
Us and whole again, complete in our pair.
What was, it is again, resurrected anew.
Hallelujah, Helios rises; Eros be praised.
And Hera, queen shining of goddesses, presides
with bonds unbreakable over Us, the Real.
Let this light shine, assembled as pieces
made to order, custom joined and inseparable,
indistinguishable in Ourselves, hallelujah.
Il Nostro Destino, he speaks for Us again,
and, with ravenous ears, We listen at last.

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