Spring Flowers, Tucson, Part 34: An Unbelievable Prickly Pear! (Opuntia Stenopetala)

Apple is convinced most of these are pictures of sedum! They sure look like sedum flowers, but they’re not on sedum. What a gorgeous Prickly Pear. I mean all of these prickly pears are stunning beyond imagination, but wow this one has incredible features. And the colors!! *chef’s kiss*

Encountered at Desert Survivor Nursery in Tucson, a place I’m lowkey fixated with because it’s a nursery by disabled folks that employs disabled folks. 💚 It warms the frozen sap of my heart.

[update: thanks to backyardnature.net, I’ve finally found a name: Opuntia Stenopetala [link to Wikipedia].]

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