It Is Not Yours, Part 3 (of 4) (with audio)

Here’s Part I and Part II, in case you missed them. Now on with the poem!

It Is Not Yours III

Lucca Daniel Green               17 January 2023
	Oh, the immortality of eddying mud:
	as flame burns, mud suffocates;
	     both consecrate—
	one to the gods, the other to Earth.

Fossils always fascinated me, but they seem so remote, so impossible, that no one like me could ever find them. But what is petrified wood if not a fossil? No it isn’t the skeleton of a T-Rex (of which I’d like two, please, a pair to guard the doorway); but it is the skeleton of a once-living being, and moreover a skeleton of one of the beings that made oxygen-breathing life possible at all.

So anyway from time to time I’ve thought about the anaerobic environment necessary for organic matter to leave a trace. Eventually even bones are replaced by some other mineral, whether calcite or silicas (i.e. chalcedony, jasper, agate, opal). It’s made me wary of big bunches of mud, a bit irrationally if you think about how many stories you’ve heard of people getting sucked into a mud-pit (lol!).

A quick Barrel Cactus out of collected pebbles

Oh, and by the way… some rocks fluoresce under UV light, like this chunk of epidote and feldspar with a surprise inside:

But then I began to find what appear to have been human tools, and it registered with me then, finally, just how long this land have been inhabited and by whom.

More on this with the next part!

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