McCarthy’s Mess, or Obstructionism Comes Home

Sooo remember when the GOP strategy was to impede any and all democratic functioning to the point that the US Federal Government shut down?

That energy is being targeted now within the party itself.

On the other hand, obstructionism has come to serve for a political tactic employed in a larger and longer term oligarchic maneuver.

As has been noted by nearly everyone, nothing can happen in the US House until there’s a Speaker of the House: that role is necessary for directing all business as the presiding officer in the same way the Vice President presides over the Senate. It’s a neat little preview of the next two years in the US House.

Meanwhile amazing rhetoric from representatives frustrated by a few obstructionists: a reporter on Here & Now used the word ‘hostages’ as in Reps are saying they’re ‘being held hostage by 5%’ of their caucus.

Sucks doesn’t it?

Kevin McCarthy himself made some comment like he’s amazed so few people would hold up the Federal Government when they aren’t even offering an alternative.

Frustrating, right?

Anyone who remembers the Obama years or paid attention while Manchin and Sinema held up that paltry climate bill last year knows well the range of McCarthy’s emotions. But you can bet that won’t change anything in the next two years.

The only potentially positive thing—there is one, small as it may be—is that we might finally get an investigation into the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, which could also have the added benefit (potentially at least) of drawing public attention to the plight of the Afghans who dared to help NATO troops.

Otherwise, get ready for an absolute circus in the US House.

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