An Oceanside Notmas

Not gonna lie, xmas is not my holiday. When I was younger, I loved it because I was supposed to love it. But over time, ooof. As a teen I tried to hold onto The Good Feels by focusing on the decorations. But even that fell apart pretty quick in the face of reality. So I’ve gotten away from the holidays.

Or I guess I should say I’ve gotten away from the ‘traditions’ and the whole gamut of expected experiences.

Last year I went to Port Aransas on the Texas Gulf Coast. It was great, except for the Texas part, and the oil rigs everywhere on the horizon, no matter where I looked.

The year before that, I was at Venice Beach. It was closer to Thanksgiving than Christmas, but I’ll still count it. And why Venice Beach, you might ask? Because, faced with the choice of which Beach, I couldn’t decide, but a Lana Del Rey song called ‘Venice Bitch’ swept into my head to save the day.

Sunset at Venice Beach (2020)

This year, I’m going back to the Pacific, somewhere around San Diego. It’s closer, and it’ll be in the 70s.

I don’t know what is so cathartic about the ocean, the sand, the waves… It really doesn’t make much sense to me. I won’t swim in the water (because, sharks) so that only my calves feel the water. There’s so much blowing sand everywhere, and so many people… Well I don’t know, but anyway the ocean really is intensely restorative.

My Shepherd will be excited, too. His game is to bite the waves. He’s determined to get ’em… So we run along the shore while he bites at waves. Last year he diarrhea’d right into the Gulf 😳🫣🤭 But he had so much fun.

So for now at least this is my not-Christmas tradition. I’m calling it Oceanside Notmas.

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