I think I just realized why Donny With The Combover kept those documents… It’s not good news.

As I was just reading this breaking news from the New York Times, the National Archives revealed that they’ve received over 300 sensitive documents from Donny With The Combover since January 2021, and also that he himself went through the boxes he took from the White House toward the end of 2021, something occurred to me…

Say what you will about that Combover’d creep, but he is no fool. He knew, surely, what the consequences of withholding sensitive government documents would be. His aides and surely his lawyers told him, and the FBI must have been transparent that they’d have to get a warrant to remove the documents if he wouldn’t cooperate. But he withheld documents. Why?

It could’ve been because he thought he’d have some kind of leverage in case things start going way south for him, documents so important that their publication or leakage to enemies would be damning to us. I don’t put that past him. I’d imagine Putin had at least a mole in Donny’s administration if not an outright representative with access to whatever. What damage, in other words, could’ve been done by his security clearance was no doubt wrought while he was in office, not afterward once his sensitive documents are at risk of becoming irrelevant, outdated, useless.

No, no, no… he knew what would happen if he withheld documents: the FBI would conduct a search of his home. Undoubtedly he knew what that would do to his base. He is a master manipulator; he knows how to inflame his supporters and further galvanize them in his personal interests.

My bet, bottom line, in short: Donny With The Combover probably withheld those documents to ensure that the FBI would search his house as part of his larger ongoing quest to maintain his power over those who’ve fallen victim to his webs of bullshit.

And why would he do that? What does he gain from that, aside from millions in income from fundraising efforts exploiting his follower’s rage at the FBI search? I think it’s exactly to make those circling him, different legal inquiries that have come so close to him now that they’ve come into each other’s radar and have begun to share their evidence with each other, to make all of them pause in their efforts, to make them wonder at whether prosecuting him would set off a civil war, an outcome they are all attempting to avert from their different positions from New York to Georgia to Michigan to the Congressional Committee, along with whatever unknown investigations are underway through the Justice Department. His deputy just pleaded guilty to a set of charges that are also alleged of Donny’s company, which will face trial in the coming months. His only hope of avoiding criminal liability of some form or another at this point is the rage and loyalty he can stoke in his supporters, that is his only weapon now, and, unless I’m mistaken, he’s just tried to deploy that weapon in the field against so many different investigations of himself and his company.

Things are deteriorating, but whether or not they are falling into a storm or darkening before dawn remains to be seen. Fingers crossed, and let’s hope none of those investigating Donny have lost focus to the misplaced rage of his base!

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