Oedipus, or They Who Dared

So way back in 2009, the summer before I went back to Michigan State, I was hanging out with a group of friends I met through one of my best friend’s local cannabis-guys, along with my friend and fellow cashier at a grocery store in our hometown. She has a lush, vibrant voice. It’s deep and soulful. It captivates and transports you, even against your will. Anyway, she floated that she wanted to finish writing a song since we were with my musical-bachelor friends (bachelors at the time at least), late 20-somethings with guitars. She sang the first verse and a chorus she’d worked up, but then wanted a second verse. I have no recollection of what her lyrics were, only the haunting beauty of her voice, the ache and longing her words and voice provoked in me, and the feeling that I needed her to keep singing forever. She prompted this out of me, and I was lost to the world for the next 15-20 minutes as I typed out these lines into my phone. It didn’t amount to a second verse for my friend with the lush voice, but all the same, I walked away with one of the better examples of my earlier, distinctly surreal, poetic voice and style.

Oedipus, Or They Who Dared
Lucca Daniel Green
17 August 2009

Would that the great earth
still spun through your eye

Look through me
this hide and seek
through the rosary
See the light behind
my alternating eye

Breathe the breath I long to breathe
Next to me, tempt
tug and tease

Hang me from your sky
Beneath my darkness rise
Birth, breath, hidden rhyme
cover me in your lime brace

Speak, my heart, spill
your unknown truth
your pulse
your life

The gash, the wound, the end


Rise and fall
See and know

The lone tear
on mahogany and grain
The widow who waits
no more, no more

The truth now known
Thus the great earth spun
though god hid from shame
Oedipus rewound, redone

Should you see through me
what would you uncover
Love in chaos, riot in balance
Oh! Those holiest of ironies
bled through me
bled from me

For you and them
for fire and order
brilliant the light
shone that night
Brilliant the dark
hiding beneath all

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