UofM GEO ON STRIKE: Divisive Myths about Grades

So the university is actively pretending that their hands are tied so far as dates for determining financial aid and academic progress, so on and so forth… in fact, that’s a lie.

Meanwhile in Classical Studies the Chair has taken it upon themselves to issue incorrect grades—knowing full well that those grades were not accurate—because obviously there was no way for them to grade an entire semester’s worth of work, let alone within the framework of the instructor they attempted to replace. This is shameful. The Chair ought to feel shame for this. Not only have they undermined their own grad students, the Chair has caused actual harm to undergrads as well by issuing incorrect grades. It is a profound show of cowardice, and proof, to my eyes, that this Chair did not learn the lessons they were alleged to have learned about malicious grading.

I’ve heard that the faculty of the History Department, in stark contrast to my own department, have decided to withhold grades. It is an admirable move.

I urge every undergraduate student to be in contact with the chairs of their programs to demand that you not receive a fudged grade. The University is trying to make undergrads turn on their GSIs. Do not fall for this manipulation.

Meanwhile please donate to the GEO Strike Fund. Our paychecks will be issued this Friday, however we already know that the University has decided to pay GSIs $100 for the month of April. There are going to be thousands of grad students in serious need by the end of the week. Please donate here!

Ps, Separately from the strike, I’m calling for a Neurodiversity Constellation Center based on the results of a survey I conducted informally last fall. Read about it here: Call for a Neurodiversity Constellation Center at University of Michigan

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