UofM GEO ON STRIKE, Day 14: We’re still on strike!

We’re still on strike at U of Michigan. The Rutgers strike ended about as soon as it began. Congratulations to Rutgers faculty!

Meanwhile, check out these earlier posts on my own experience as a grad student: I’ve posted about the untenable financial situation I’ve been in trying to develop my intellect:

And as importantly, I’ve posted about the medical mess I’ve found myself in:

I’m allowing this act vulnerability publicly out of hope that what I’ve endured need not be endured by any others.

What’ll it be tomorrow? We’ll see tomorrow! Meanwhile, STRIKE ON!

Ps, Separately from the strike, I’m calling for a Neurodiversity Constellation Center based on the results of a survey I conducted informally last fall. Read about it here: Call for a Neurodiversity Constellation Center at University of Michigan

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