UofM GEO ON STRIKE, DAY 9: Updates

1) here’s a podcast from folks in the school of music:

2) and an interview by Audacity Magazine on YouTube:

3) Apparently there’s been some movement on the harassment leg of our demands, however the program proposed involved a formal reporting process that tends to inhibit reporting. It interests me that negotiators representing management are willing to admit that harassment of graduate students is an actual problem.

4) The injunction proceedings continue this morning starting at 10am. The University’s lawyers have to prove irreparable damage to the University from our strike. Could you imagine being caused irreparable harm by the University’s greedily half-assed compensation, and then accused of causing irreparable damage to that University by demanding to be treated with dignity? For myself, I don’t have to strain to imagine it; this has been a surprisingly common experience. (See the previous point about harassment. Eventually I’ll be detailing all of these incidents in a book about neurodivergent-inclusion on campuses; I will not get into details here just yet, except to say that the harassment of this type I’ve experienced has shown me that this is a systemic issue.)


6) Separately from the strike, I’m calling for a Neurodiversity Constellation Center, check that out here:

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