Did Ginny Thomas Believe Her “Bullshit”?

First of all, that’s Bill Barr’s word, not my own, although it is and has long been one of my own choice words for the mess that is the ‘conservative’ movement in the US.

Now we see that Ms. Thomas, the wife of one of the rapists on the Supreme Court—but not the one who had a meltdown in his televised congressional review, you know, that other rapist who’s been there a little longer and represents that stunningly chickens-for-chicken-nuggets logic of black and brown folks in the GOP. There’s always so much to say about these oligarchic types, one is often in danger of losing their track of thought…

Ah yes, Ginny Thomas! Ginny Gin Gin… Girl, you don’t really believe that BS you peddled at, turns out, 29 Arizona officials, do you? …or do you?

See this gets at the heart of an issue that has bothered me from the first few rounds of the public hearings on the attempted coup of January 6th—which said nothing much new if you, as I, have been obsessively scouring the Times, the Post, and whatever else, the AP and other outlets, though it was quite newsworthy that the mess was labeled as it was on the official congressional record as an attempted coup and that Donny with the Combover* is being officially on-the-record implicated in the webs of BS he’s still peddling, and that he did so knowing it was BS). The issue however, now that we know so many of these officials for sure certainly do not and did not ever believe that the election was stolen nor believe in any of the conspiracies they have personally endorsed, and now that we know that Ginny Thomas pressured 29 officials in Arizona—and how many in Georgia? How many in Michigan? How many in Pennsylvania? How many elsewhere?—is whether Ginny Thomas truly believed Donny with the Combover’s river of absolute “bullshit.”

I ask because the echo chambers in which these types operate and by which they achieve their share of power are quite persuasive. Have they themselves forgotten what was real? Did Ginny Thomas forget to remember that the world wouldn’t actually end if Joseph Biden or anyone else took office to replace that overprivileged toddler she hoped to preserve in power? Did she forget her sense of perspective, her sense that she was only playing a game, and without stakes at that, since, after all, her husband enjoys a lifetime appointment on a conservative-stacked court with enormous power over the country and without any accountability? Either that, or else Ginny Thomas did not herself believe the nonsense she peddled as she broke the law to try to influence the outcome of the Arizona votes in the US presidential election.

Fortunately for us, Ms. Thomas is not herself in an immunity-bearing position, but those don’t really exist—do they, Mr. Nixon?

The real power given to the People in our kind-of-democratic system is to hold to account the officials we elect, from city councilors, mayors, governors and judges, representatives, senators and presidents. This was also a fundamental facet of ancient Athenian democracy, as our Founding Fathers well knew, having been raised on the classical literatures, histories and cultures of Greeks and Romans; it is thus also a founding principle of our own democracy: our officials must be held to the same account to which any other citizen is held, and that is dependent upon the will of the People. If so many misled would-be patriots are being prosecuted for having stormed the Capitol in violation of law, then we must all demand that those who participated in inciting their actions likewise face prosecution and fair trials.

Donny, I’ve known somehow since your first campaign that someday I’d get to chant back at you, LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! And now, here we are! I’m surprised it took so long, to be honest.

Just as Donny with the Combover faces a grand jury indictment in Georgia for interfering with the election—wasn’t it 11,780 votes he wanted? I’m not the best with numbers and that’s off the top of my head, but anyway they didn’t exist so the number doesn’t really matter does it—likewise Ms. Thomas ought to be expecting to be indicted herself in the coming months. Let’s just see those appeals work up to her husband’s court, that court on which he sits without obligation of recusal at any point no matter the extent or depth of a conflict of interest, and on which three of the judges have their seats thanks to the aforementioned walking combover.

*. We’d do well to heed his niece’s advice about naming that tangerine-sprayed buffoon, “everyone needs to call him Donald” (see this too): it gets under his skin and triggers him to be called Donald. I’m taking it up a notch, let it madden him with a narcissistic rage he might feel if someone were to point out that his facial tan lines make a person think of a new species we might call the American Red-Faced Raccoon, that to the majority of this country, many of whom didn’t vote in either election, he is a despicable laughingstock, a walking s**tstorm and an indelible embarrassment for our country and our history, but a man nonetheless reliable for producing a good laugh at his own expense. Remember: the way to defeat the boggarts is by pointing out how ridiculous they are to their faces, not by ignoring them (especially when they hold so much power), and especially not by discussing them obsessively in a serious manner.

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